Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Noise & Rhthym's "Ornamental" (CCR-010) Now Available!

We are more than happy to announce that our good friends (and one of our favorite Brooklyn bands) Noise & Rhythm's Ornamental is now available to pick up in the CCR webstore! Pressed on black vinyl and limited to 300 copies, this release is an absolutely beautiful gatefold jacket. The layout and artwork for the record was provided by another good friend, Dave Foarde.

This record is truly a family affair, and the music on it is just as inviting. Check out some pictures below, and PICK IT UP HERE! It's only $15, and you can get free shipping if you Tweet/Insta/Facebook/Carrier Pigeon about it! Just tag @collectivemike or Collective Confusion Records to take advantage.

Hear a few tracks off of the record HERE!

Stay tuned for more!