Monday, May 14, 2012


Thank you to everyone who participated in the pre-order today. I am overwhelmed by the response from the vinyl community, and I want you guys to know I appreciate every order. 

The "I WANT IT ALL" bundle sold out in 45 minutes. 
The Clear w/ Blue Ink variant sold out within hours.

There are a handful of black copies still available for purchase, but they're going fast, so if you want a one be sure to pick it up soon! Here is the link again.

Thank you again everyone - we (obviously) could not do this without your support. 

- Mike

EDIT: And black is officially sold out. Unreal!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cassino pre-order! 5/14/2012

Hey there friends - 
Here are the details for the Kingprince pre-order, going up at 10 AM EST tomorrow, May 14th!

There will be three options to buy. The bundle is going to be $50, single copies are $25. There are two different jackets - fold over and hand silk screened by A City Inside, as well as hand numbered by yours truly. They'll come in a nice polyvinyl bag.

200 total copies

100 - Black vinyl with white jacket
100 - Clear and blue ink vinyl with blue jacket 

The "I WANT IT ALL" bundle comes with:
- both variants (lowest numbers available)
- digital dowloads of the remastered tracks
- 11" x 11" lyric insert
- first 50 get the LIFETIME 15% DISCOUNT for all future CCR releases
- chance at a test press
- free copy of Hailey, It Happens Aurora. If you already have this record or don't want it, you can "gift" it to anybody free of charge - just send me an email.

Individual copies come with:
- digital download of the remastered tracks
- 11 x 11 insert
- CCR stickers
- the names I recognize are going to get some special stuff too.

Thanks for reading and the support!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Cassino artwork!

As most of you know, we are in the process of pressing Kingprince, one of my favorite albums ever by one of my favorite bands ever, Cassino! I am beyond excited to announce this. This release will be a double vinyl package, limited to 200 copies and hand numbered. 100 will be on black vinyl (with white and black artwork) and 100 will be on clear with blue smoke (with black and blue artwork). This is going to be an extremely collectible package, complete with remastered digital tracks and bonus songs off of The Weight Of Bother EP.
 Be on the lookout for pre-order info coming this week!