Sunday, April 10, 2011


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Monday, April 4, 2011

Aurora Review

You can read a review of Aurora on here, or just look below.
Final verdict: 80%.

Hailey, It Happens – Aurora

Record Label: Collective Confusion Records
Release Date: April 5, 2011

Reigning from Boston, Hailey, It Happens released their debut EP, Everything for You, back in 2009. With this EP, the band garnered quite a few fans interested in their unique style of electronic pop music. Now two years later, HIH are back and stronger than ever withAurora. Produced by Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, VersaEmerge, The Dangerous Summer), this record was clearly placed in the right hands, as Leavitt again proves to be a commendable producer.

The opening track “I Gave Her My Heart, She Gave Me a Pen” begins with a smooth beat accompanied by soft piano melody. Vocalist Chris Cleary uses his high smooth vocal style to drive this calming opener. Following the poppy beginning, “Invincible” is propelled by Bobby DiBari’s thick piano, as Cleary sings “Radio, radio, I’m fine / just take me far away from here” on this hypnotic track. The title track proves to be the highlight of the record; the soft approach by Cleary and DiBari creates a poignant, touching atmosphere as the words “if you’re looking for me, just raise your eyes / I’ll be swimming in the northern lights” are haunting.

A heavy beat fluctuates throughout “Never Without a Fight,” while DiBari’s keys add background to the attention-grabbing effects used on “The Golden Age of Radio.” Cleary shines on the mellow “Brighter,” as his vocal performance steals the show, once again. Thus, Aurora is more than just an electronic pop record, proven through to chemistry created between the vocal style of Cleary and the technical effects of DiBari. The closing “Hurricane” utilizes this harmony in the best manner, as the layered instrumentation accents the meek vocals on what is arguably the most impressive vocal performance on the record.

By the end of Aurora, it’s quite difficult not to press repeat. The reason for this instigation is the overall unique style of Hailey, It Happens. It’s not often that a band consisting solely of a vocalist and keyboard player can craft such a memorable record. Indeed, it is this unique style – the high resonating vocals coupled with the upbeat keyboard and electronic effects – that leaves the listener intrigued. Clearly, Leavitt can truly do no wrong, as his production work on Aurora deserves every compliment, again cementing his skill as a producer. Things are definitely shaping up for HIH, as Aurora sounds nothing like a debut record.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


It's not every day a new label gets the chance to work with a legend. Collective Confusion Records is proud to announce the release of John Nolan's (he's famous... Google it) Songs I Wrote EP, with two bonus tracks.

Songs I Wrote, Nolan’s most recent solo offering, is an EP recorded and released sporadically, with each track being released as it was finished on his website. Each song continues Nolan’s exploration into the genre of electronically tinged indie, while maintaining his honest lyrics and signature vocal style.

This 12” LP offers the four songs originally released, as well as two bonus tracks. “I Know What’s Important To You (It Doesn’t Mean Anything To Me)” is a previously unreleased demo recorded for his previous solo album Height. The final track, “Not To Let Go (Live)” is a live acoustic version, recorded in late 2009.

Strictly limited to 500 copies, this hand numbered LP is a true collectors item. The first five orders will win a FREE test pressing of the album. In addition, the first one hundred orders will be bundled with a one of a kind piece of tour memorabilia, collected during Nolan’s many years on the road. Each album will come with a free digital download of the tracks. 

Official release date and pressing info to be announced soon, so keep checking back! 

- Mike