Friday, July 20, 2012

The Acoustic Sessions artwork!

Well ladies and gentleman here it is, the artwork for John Nolan's The Acoustic Sessions!

Pretty snazzy, huh?


Thursday, July 19, 2012

New release! John Nolan - The Acoustic Sessions

Collective Confusion Records is proud to announce our next release by our good friend John Nolan, The Acoustic Sessions! These songs were recorded way, way back when. These tracks were orginally recorded as a bonus tracks, and have not seen the light of day otherwise! Each track has been remastered for vinyl and sound amazing.

500 Pressed
/250 Green
/150 Peach
/100 Green/Peach split color

Til It's Done To Death
I Don't Believe You
Screaming Into The Wind
It Takes A Long Time

Here I Am
Not To Let Go
I Won't Ever Be There
Keep Calm And Carry On

There will be multiple options for ordering this LP, including a bundle with all three variants AND a test press with a hand drawn jacket by the artist who put this whole thing together, Jeff Versoi. These test presses will be limited to 25 copies and hand numbered.

We are shooting for an early fall release date, to be determined later. As production continues be on the lookout for pre-order info, hi-res artwork, and more details!


Ready to go!

The Cassino pre-orders are officially packed up and shipped out! I apologize for the slight delay... there were issues in printing the shipping labels. But don't worry, these are on their way! Let me know what you think at Thank you all again for the orders and the support, enjoy Kingprince!