Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Night Update

Here comes a brand new Cassino (hey, you should listen to it here) update! First of all thank you for the support, the response to this release has been overwhelming, and for a guy who runs a label at night out of his bedroom I could not be happier to get this on vinyl and into your hands. I want you to know that everything is right on schedule!

Now for the details... as you probably know, these sold out pretty quick. We ran into a small speed bump when tracking orders and ended up actually overselling by a few copies. In lieu of cancelling these orders, a third "Secret Variant" is being pressed to make up the difference.

This variant will be limited to fifty copies, pressed on black vinyl, but will have a unique jacket. I really let Patrick from A City Inside run wild with this one, and you guys are going to love how they come out. This Secret Variant is going to go into random orders, replacing the variant (or one of the variants) you ordered. The band will also have a handful of these to sell at shows down in Nashville. Outside of this drawing and random Nashville shows, these will never be available for sale.

I realize some of you may not want a shot at the Secret Variant, so if you don't, just reply to this email and I'll make sure you get your record exactly as ordered.

On to the next order of business... your digital downloads. To hold you guys over while you wait for your vinyl, here is a link to download the vinyl remastered MP3's of Kingprince (as well as a bonus download of The Weight Of Bother). There's an honor system limit of one download per email address for these links, so please stick to it! If you download more than once, someone else will lose out on their copy. I hope you guys like the remastering.. and trust me it sounds even better on wax.

Kingprince (Vinyl Remaster): (redacted - if you ordered check your email)

The Weight Of Bother: (redacted - if you ordered check your email)

Last but not least, we come to the release date. While I plan on having everything ready to go within the next two weeks or so, the "official" release for this record will be on July 10th. I am planning on getting you guys your records earlier than that - but since I work full-time and have to pack each of these myself by hand, I think it's best to give myself a little bit of breathing room. Hopefully that's not a big inconvenience to you guys - if it is, let me know.

Thanks again for your order - I've got a big year planned, so hopefully you'll stick around! Email me with any questions, comments or concerns.